Bio Gen Active®

Intelligent cleaning.


Bio Gen Active® applications

If you need guidance in choosing the right product for your application

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Our Products

Our range of innovative reconditioning products open new perspectives in the cleaning of surfaces. Safe handling is guaranteed with Bio Gen Active® inside and, besides being highly efficient, it is kind to materials and the environment. These are advantages that traditional cleaning with acids and alkaline solutions cannot offer.

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Tip from the cow

We provide tips on how you can use Bio Gen Active® in your everyday life.

Descaling coffeemakers

Use Bio Gen Active® Limescale/Rust remover when descaling your coffeemaker.

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Clean plate heat exchanges

Bio Gen Active® can be used to clean plate heat exchangers.

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Oil separators

Use Bio Gen Active, to clean your oil separators

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About us

We are a Swedish Cleantech chemical producing company driven by people with a clean consideration. We believe in taking responsibility, not only for our generation, but also for those to come. That's why we take great pride in continously optimizing the performance of our offering.

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