Brick wall


A common problem with brick walls and plastered or casted concrete are deposits of salt which result in ugly, white coatings on the surface. The deposits can be difficult to remove without time-demanding mechanical treatment. In this trial, performance and functionality for our environmentally optimised product was evaluated. 
Bio Gen Active® Construction Cleaner is appropriate for washing brick and concrete walls.


The result was very good, only few residues of the deposit can be seen and the wall doesn't need any further cleaning. Reconditioning of the wall can be made in two simple steps. 
Bio Gen Active® Construction Cleaner is environmentally optimised and there is no specific treatment needed for the rinsed-off cleaning liquid.


Sector: Construction industry/home improvement
Application: Cleaning of brick wall
Product: Bio Gen Active® Construction Cleaner
Deposit: Limescale, salt deposits and humus