A wood chip boiler producing 4650 kW (18 m³) needed reconditioning due to heavy limescale fouling. The boiler is located at a saw mill and the produced heat is used at the saw mill and excess heat is distributed to the local community. The boiler has been in service since 1985 and had never before been cleaned. An estimate gave an average coating of ~2 mm limestone. Some areas were considerably thicker.


The cleaning was successful and already after a few weeks, an evaluation showed major economical benefits, as well as benefits for the environment and lower energy consumption. The temperature in the boiler and exhaust gases was considerably lower.


Given an energy price of ~0.04 EUR/kWh the return of investment for the cleaning was 4-5 months.


Sector: Heat & power plants
Application: Boiler, limestone
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Deposit: Limestone