Plate heat exchanger, District heating


A producer of district heating to a small city discovered that due to a contaminated heat exchanger, production gave less than 75% of designed value. Only 14,5 MW was obtained compared to the nominal effect 20 MW. A total reconditioning of the heat exchanger using Bio Gen Active® products was performed.


The result was very good. The efficiency of the heat exchanger was back to designed value and 20 MW of energy could be produced. This increase resulted in a weekly saving of 90.000 EUR. Furthermore, the reconditioning could be performed without affecting other onsite activity, no extra protection was needed. By using Bio Gen Active® products, a successful cleaning with minimal environmental impact was achieved.


Sector: District heating
Application: Heat exchangers
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Bio Gen Active® Degreaser 691
Deposit: Limescale and rust