Plate heat exchanger


Earlier this paper mill customer, reconditioning of plate heat exchanger had been performed through dismantling and manual cleaning. This process was time consuming, personnel demanding and corrosive process to material. Debrief on the process side was mainly rust, but also limescale and humus. The customer decided to try our Bio Gen Active® Scale 130 with CIP-technique (Cleaning In Place).


The result was outstanding. Through this new process the maintenance time could be reduced from 1-2 days to 6-8 hours. Furthermore, by using Bio Gen Active® Scale 130 and CIP-technique the negative impact on gaskets and plates were much lower. As a result, the customer decided to install permanent CIP equipment for their entire facility of plate heat exchanger.


Sector: Plate heat exchanger (140 x 100 x 60)
Application: Pulp and paper
Product: Bio Gen Active® Scale 130
Deposit: Rust, limescale and humus